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Isolators for pharmaceutical industry – I-Box +

The range of state of the art I-Box + isolators is dedicated to pharmaceutical applications, class III or IV virological analysis, when absolute containment is essential.

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Pharma production:

  • CMR products utilization,
  • Sterile manipulations, sterile active substances utilization,
  • High precision weighting applications,
  • Sterility tests, etc.

Pharma medical R&D:

  • Manipulation of highly pathogenic samples (anthrax, hemorrhagic fever viruses, etc.),
  • Manipulation of axenic rodents, embryo transfers, etc.


Technical specifications:

  • Positive or negative pressure inside the chamber,
  • Tightness of the front window ensured by mechanical latches or via an inflatable ring,
  • HEPA H14 absolute filtering in the chamber, H13 (optionally H14) in the transfer chambers,
  • Input output via transfer chamber or via Double Door Transfer Ports,
  • Thermo-shielded bags output, solid and liquid waste containers,
  • Body made of stainless steel.
  • Intuitive design: user friendly tactile screen, automatic sterilization.


To reinforce safety, the I-Box+ has been designed to make it simpler for the user to operate :

  • 10° hinged front window, spring assisted opening,
  • Sliding shelf between the manipulation and transfer chamber,
  • Eye level color & tactile screen.


Documentation: pdf Brochure

I-Box+ Isolators for pharmaceutical applications can meet the highest requirements in every stage of the drug production process, from R&D to final packaging.


The I-Box+ Isolators are bespoke equipment, customized to meet your requirements at best.


Noroit manufactures transfer containers connecting to DDTP© doors, for 105, 190, 270 or 350 mm diameters.These containers are available as:

Noroit-containver pvccontainer-inox

  • Polyethylene units.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel and autoclavable units.

The containers can be optionally equipped with input and output filters, and fast-plug ports for chemical sterilization.
Options: trolley, table stand.

Gloves and sleeves:


  • Neoprene gloves, sleeves made of jersey material with PVC coating.
  • One piece sleeve-glove, made of butyl or CSM (ex hypalon),
  • All sizes of gloves and sleeves, wrists and shoulders rings, are kept in stock.