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Isolators for Laboratory Animal Research – I-Box zoo

I-Box zoo: Handle your mice with gloves!

I-Box zoo isolators are very versatile equipment, dedicated to rodents breeding and research applications.

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Technical specifications:

  • Hard body made of PMMA or soft canopy,
  • Input – output via Double Door Transfer Port,
  • 2, 3 or 4 gloves in a linear position or facing each other,
  • Stacked isolators, on an adjustable electrical stand, to reduce the footprint,
  • Flexible tight ports to connect to the Solis class II Safety Cabinet,
  • Monitoring available: airflow, temperature, hygrometry, nitrogen rate, etc.


Innovative design:
Very intuitive design, because ease of use also means safety:

  • User friendly keyboard, conveniently located at eye level,

The ergonomic design simplifies your daily tasks:

  • The chamber is fully transparent, meaning the user is working in natural light,
  • The angled front window creates a natural working position for the user,
  • The wide shoulder ports give an easy access to every part of the chamber.


Documentation : PDF Brochure



Biomedical Zootechnics Research: Laboratory rodent housing: immunodeficiency, pathogenic or axenic mice breeding, Secure mice transfers: the I-Box zoo Isolators can be easily connected together or to a Solis Safety Cabinet, Small equipment sterilization.


Testimony I-Box zoo:

Mme Vasseur, from the U1020 Research Department, hosted in the hospital Necker in Paris (75), has been using a global configuration from Noroit, for several years: Safety Cabinets and I-Box zoo Isolators. Thanks to the extremely motivated team and a range of laboratory equipment very adapted to their applications, the projects are moving forward and the results already meet the high expectations. Know more


Innovation, ergonomics, mastery of its production and quality control processes ensure an optimal technical quality to the I-Box zoo Isolators. They are bespoke equipment that will meet your specific requirements.



Containers :

Noroit manufactures transfer containers connecting to DDTP© doors, for 105, 190, 270 or 350 mm diameters. These containers are available as:

Noroit-containver pvccontainer-inox

  • Polyethylene units.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel and autoclavable units.

The containers can be optionally equipped with input and output filters, and fast-plug ports for chemical sterilization.
Options : trolley, table stand.


Gloves and sleeves: :


  • Neoprene gloves, sleeves made of jersey material with PVC coating.
  • All sizes of gloves and sleeves, wrists and shoulders rings, are kept in stock.