Vented Animal Cabinet – A-Box

A safe and clean environment for rodents: Open the door to mouse protection!

A-Box Vented Animal Cabinets ensure a safe, controlled environment for rodent breeding, in defined sanitary conditions


Animal housing in laboratories, medical research centers, universities.
The A-Box vented cabinets for animals housing, combined with Noroit Isolators and Safety Cabinets make up an optimal solution for biomedical research laboratories

Noroit vented animal cabinets ensure a total protection of the animals, the operators and the environment.
They are equipped with absolute filters, featuring 99.999% efficiency for 0.3µm particles.
The A-Box units are available in positive (animal protection) or negative (user protection) pressure.

Controlled environment:
You can totally control the animals housing environment

  • The pressure can be accurately set.
  • The inside environment may be thermoregulated.
  • “Day-night” cycles can be programmed.


Documentation :  PDF Brochure

The A-Box Vented Cabinets are essential equipment in many laboratories in the field of animal research and zootechnics:

For example:

  • Research centers : INSERM, CNRS,
  • Universities : Pharmaceutical and Medecine schools,
  • Hospital centers: Nantes Hospital, Necker Hospital in Paris.


Nantes Hospital (44):

 ”The investment in the A-Box has been paid off in just a short time. The lab technicians do not notify any particular problem with the equipment, despite the daily intensive use of the doors and locks”, as says the medical and technical director of the Parasitology – Mycology Department.

To know more with a French case study



To meet the various requirements of research laboratories, the A-Box Vented Animal Cabinets are offered :

  • In positive pressure, to protect the animals: specific pathogen-free sanitary status or nude mice, etc.
  • In negative pressure, to protect the user: contaminated animals, infected with pathogenic germ, etc.



Transport cases for rodent animal cages:
This light structure case is equipped with a tight zipper: the installation of the cage inside the case is simple.


  • Fast-plug ports for chemical sterilization,
  • H13 absolute filters (efficiency > 99.99% on 0.3 µm particles).

PDF Brochure

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